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Ask the Gentleman strives to be a top fashion blog on menswear, including formal clothing, suits, shirts, ties, slacks, and other casual apparel. We always strive to provide top-notch content that will allow our readers to aim for that dapper look they deserve.

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My name is William Prector, and I’ve been a fashion enthusiast all my life. Now, I’d love to share my knowledge with others. So, if you’re looking for stylish advice from someone who knows what he’s talking about, check out my blog today!

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How-To Posts

These posts answer questions like how to wear a suit or a dress shirt. Sometimes, rules are strict, like when you wear a tuxedo. So make you adhere to the rules by carefully reading these posts.


Color Matching

Playing with colors and carefully choosing color combinations that work is really something I thoroughly enjoy. Stylizing is also my specialty, and I pay close attention when making these posts.


Style Suggestions

Are you unsure what to wear and need some styling advice? Welcome to the club, my man! I talk about style and various outfit blends on how men should dress with passion.

  • Best Fashion Accessories for Men

    Best Fashion Accessories for Men

    Even though stylish gentlemen need to look subtle and luxe, men’s accessories have become a mark of sartorial nous. It’s a good thing as these accessories comply with the idea, “Details make the man.” Most guys, however, will never think beyond watches, shades, and rings. So, here is a list of men’s fashion accessories for…

  • Blazer and Pants Color Combinations

    Blazer and Pants Color Combinations

    When a suit feels too buttoned-up and simple chinos seem uncalled for, it’s time to separate the blazer and pants. It’s a dynamic duo that modern gentlemen don’t just deserve but actually need. Suit separates are also a way to express stalwart creativity, creating outfits adaptable from business dinners to downright dandy cocktails. Take inspiration…

  • How Much Does a Suit Cost

    How Much Does a Suit Cost

    The elegance of a suit comes with a cost. How much? It varies, all the way from sub $500 to tens of grand. But how do you know the fine wool blends draping over your shoulders are actually worth the money? I’ll help you by digging deep into the nuances of materials, styles, structures, and…

  • Proper Table Manners and Dining Etiquette

    Proper Table Manners and Dining Etiquette

    While most table manners are common sense, gentlemen can still feel clumsy at fine dining. That’s why there are certain guidelines for everyone to know their way around the table. And table manners don’t just include things like eating with your mouth closed and understanding the nuances of utensil placement. It’s a code to be…

  • What to Wear Under a Suit

    What to Wear Under a Suit

    In the realm of fashion, the suit reigns supreme. Yet, beneath its tailored elegance lies a world of choice: what exactly does one wear under a suit? From the silk touch of a sweater to the crisp fold of a dress shirt, let’s unravel the layers that define the true essence of sophisticated attire. Dress…

  • Gentleman Outfit Ideas: Dress to Impress

    Gentleman Outfit Ideas: Dress to Impress

    Step into the world of gentlemen and experience the captivating allure of well-constructed outfits. The way you dress can define your character, set the tone for your day, and influence the impressions you make. Allow me to guide you on this sartorial journey, presenting ten masterfully curated gentleman outfit ideas that will inspire you to…

  • How to Fold and Pack a Dress Shirt

    How to Fold and Pack a Dress Shirt

    Not sure how to fold a dress shirt properly? After a long trip, using a hotel iron to straighten out your shirts can be a hassle. But there’s a way to deal with this ordeal – packing your dress shirts the right way! How to Fold a Dress Shirt Properly The first thing you need…

  • What is an Unstructured Blazer

    What is an Unstructured Blazer

    If there’s one thing that defines being dapper without overdoing it, it should be wearing an unstructured blazer. It’s a tailoring masterpiece that sashays between the “casual” and “smart” styles. With just a difference in suit jacket construction, you can enter the enchanted land of nonchalant. Get ready to explore the vibe around wearing this…

  • How to Wear a Dress Shirt with Jeans

    How to Wear a Dress Shirt with Jeans

    You’re eyeing your jeans but also feel the pull of your dress shirt. Which one should you choose? You can wear both if you’re dressing for business casual or smart casual. But the bar is usually high for gentlemen who want to look sharp and distinct. So before you give a whoop and run out…

  • Gentleman’s Etiquette Tips Guide

    Gentleman’s Etiquette Tips Guide

    In the age of casual flings and impersonal digital communication, the idea of a true gentleman may seem like a dying breed. Yet, the time-honored principles of gentleman’s etiquette never go out of style. They resonate with grace, respect, and, most importantly, good manners. A man of good etiquette is not just a man of…

  • Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirts

    Button-Up vs. Button-Down Shirts

    The debate of button-up vs. button-down dress shirts seems eternal. The main difference between a button-up and a button-down shirt lies in the collar design and button positions. Still, the dispute is hyped due to formality and styling differences. The Button-Up Shirt Button-up shirts refer to any shirt with a full-length buttoned placket, regardless of…

  • How to Wear a Sweater Over Dress Shirt

    How to Wear a Sweater Over Dress Shirt

    Wearing a sweater over a dress shirt is the secret sauce of being stylish. You look ready for the office, dinner, holiday party, and getting on a cruise, all at the same time. The best part is it isn’t a “try hard” preppy combination. A sweater over a dress shirt stands out in the most…

  • Dress Shirt Styles and Types for Men

    Dress Shirt Styles and Types for Men

    Your dress shirt style defines an important aspect of being a well-dressed gentleman. It primarily builds the outfit but also contributes to elegance and formality. And regardless of a suited or sartorially smart look, the style matter among them all. However, there is a multitude of dress shirt styles. Basic styles vary in fit, color,…

  • How to Wear a Suit with Sneakers

    How to Wear a Suit with Sneakers

    Wearing suits with sneakers is no longer a style faux pas. Instead, it’s about taking a leap of style and staying comfortable. When done right, a suit with sneakers is a cheeky way to dress down a formal ensemble. At the same time, staying preppy and cool. Different Ways You Can Wear Suits with Sneakers…

  • How to Wear a Dress Shirt

    How to Wear a Dress Shirt

    Dress shirts are versatile and timeless. While you can wear a dress shirt formally and with a business suit, you can also do it in a very smart and casual way. That’s because dress shirts have a lot of variety; commonly, these provide a well-dressed look without going overboard. You only have to match the…

  • How to Wear Oxford Shoes with a Suit

    How to Wear Oxford Shoes with a Suit

    If there’s one thing common between James Bond and most school kids, both wear oxford shoes. And there’s no denying these timeless shoes are among the gentleman’s wardrobe essentials. Oxford shoes match with tuxedos, suits, chinos, and even jeans. You can switch between weddings, office looks, and casual outfits in a snap without being boring.…

  • How to Wear a Suit with a T-Shirt

    How to Wear a Suit with a T-Shirt

    Wondering when and how to wear a t-shirt under a suit? The modern world increasingly requires us to present ourselves as smart-casual dressers. Additionally, office work and social occasions are becoming less formal. Mastering the suit with a t-shirt look is a guaranteed way to strike the right balance between professionalism and playfulness. You’ll feel…

  • Which Color Suit for an Interview

    Which Color Suit for an Interview

    The right suit color for an interview should just portray a professional image based on the position you’re applying for. It’s that simple. But equally important to know are the suit colors to avoid. I’ve seen gentlemen going one step forward and two steps back by choosing the wrong color. Dark suits work best in…

  • Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons Guide

    Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons Guide

    The sleeve buttons on the suit jacket can be either decorative or functional. But more compelling is how these sleeve buttons define the elegance and formality of a suit jacket. Therefore, gentlemen aiming to reflect a distinctive style should know the sleeve button variations. It helps to draw attention to your style. And maybe when…

  • Anatomy of a Suit Jacket

    Anatomy of a Suit Jacket

    A jacket to a suit is what mind to the body; essential with fascinating anatomy. Learning about the suit jacket structure is never dull. Instead, it helps you stay informed about various suit styles and refine your overall fashion sense. And yes, learning about your suit jacket is a leap toward a stylish gentleman –…

  • Suit Jacket Button Closure Rules

    Suit Jacket Button Closure Rules

    Suit jacket buttons are a necessary evil for gentlemen. These buttons apparently make a small detail of your suit. But do the jacket button wrong, and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. The proper buttoning of the jacket helps achieve a flattering drape. It is, therefore, important to know and follow suit jacket button…

  • Suit Styles and Types for Men

    Suit Styles and Types for Men

    You’ll see different suit styles in most brand stores, from suit cuts to fabrics and jacket features. But what defines these styles? And how can you incorporate some best practices to look your absolute best? Suit Fit Types You can only mess with some essential elements in the suit’s fit. But flawless jacket closure, the…

  • Semi-Formal Outfits for Men

    Semi-Formal Outfits for Men

    To choose the right semi-formal outfits, all you need is an inspiration. Then, it’s easy to wear these staple items together with some modern sensibility. Many gents, however, need help finding this balance between formality and style. Essential Components of a Semi-Formal Outfit A semi-formal dress code means looking good and feeling your best. So,…

  • Pink Dress Shirt Outfits for Men

    Pink Dress Shirt Outfits for Men

    A pink dress shirt transcends style trends. It’s amusing, versatile, and easily a statement piece. Plus, these days, it made a stellar entrance in menswear, seamlessly gliding with suits and other outfits. So, let’s embrace this classic staple with some great outfits. Trendy & Stylish Pink Shirt Outfits with a Suit The pink dress shirt…

  • Fused Suit vs. Canvassed Suit

    Fused Suit vs. Canvassed Suit

    Think back to your first suit; do you know if it was a canvassed or a fused suit? Most likely, it was fused since first suits aren’t usually something people invest a ton of money in. However, you’re a grown man now and pay more attention to your image. You may still have good reason…

  • What to Wear in London for Men

    What to Wear in London for Men

    What to wear in London induces intrigue if it’s your first time visiting the city. London outfits vary widely, but overwhelmingly people take pride in their appearance and dress both fashionably and smartly. For men, business suits are regularly worn. While casual attire is sometimes worn in the evening, people still try to look sharp…

  • Blue Dress Shirt Outfits for Men

    Blue Dress Shirt Outfits for Men

    It’s easy to lose track, thinking of the outfit ideas with the blue dress shirt. After all, it’s the wizard of versatility that gets you covered from a board meeting to a wedding aisle. But, although all this seems obvious, the outfits can be challenging to put together. So let me show you some blue…

  • Flat-Front vs. Pleated Pants

    Flat-Front vs. Pleated Pants

    Pleated and flat-front are the two ways to build the front of the pants. However, these represent two utterly different pant styles. Flat-fronts are modern and stylish, while pleated pants are vintage and classic. Where they two stand against each other, what’s different, and which one suits you is the topic of this article. Pleated…

  • Turtleneck Outfits for Men

    Turtleneck Outfits for Men

    It used to be incredibly common to see men wearing turtlenecks with their outfits, but not so much today. However, more men seem to be embracing this wardrobe essential lately, and it’s about time. This unassuming, deceptively simple garment can create any number of styles, from formal to leisure. Don’t underestimate what you can accomplish…

  • Half Canvas vs. Full Canvas Suit Differences

    Half Canvas vs. Full Canvas Suit Differences

    Half canvas or full canvas suit is one of the many questions gentlemen encounter exploring high-quality suits and bespoke tailoring. Besides the obvious price difference, some details can make you choose one over the other. I dedicate this article to all such particulars. So you know which suit canvas to choose and what suits your…

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