Reputable charities and where to donate suits for men

Where to Donate Men’s Suits

When it comes to donating your suits, they are, for sure, going to make a change.

But nobody wants to be adrift in the decluttering process of finding charities to send these donations to.

Here, I saved you time and enlisted the 12 most reputable charities to donate your suits.

Suits & Smiles

Suits & Similes serves deserving people by providing them with work attire.

It’s part of the bigger picture: they help men grow a sustainable income and become financially independent.

Besides suits, they accept other menswear items, like blazers, dress pants, ties, shirts, and shoes.

It’s the policy to get these items in good condition. So, the receiving men can look good and feel confident in their work and job interviews.

The choice of deserving people is made through referrals from various social service agencies. And they have been doing this since 2003.

Suits and Smiles also accept both mailing and dropping donations.

So if you want to donate your business suits, this non-profit-profit from Boston should be your go-to.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has an exciting story of how it started in 1865.

Now, they assist over 30 million Americans annually in one of many matters of their lives.

The Salvation Army has a whole department dedicated to clothing. These accept suits and other items of professional attire.

All these items are sold in Salvation Army’s Thrift stores.

The collected amount will be used for various charity functions, from rehabilitation to job training and homeless shelter.

The Salvation Army has good nationwide coverage. You can use their website to find the drop-off near you. Or else, book an appointment to get your suit picked up.

We suggest the Salvation Army when you’re doing massive decluttering. It’s a great option to donate a good range of clothing ranging from a tux to overcoats.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Unfortunately, veterans represent a good portion of homeless adults that need a fresh start.

Organizations like Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) help these veterans start a new employment journey.

It also provides good healthcare access and military service in case of illnesses and injuries.

VVA accepts donations both as cash and charitable, like clothing.

Helping veterans fight against unemployment is among the primary goals of VVA.

Therefore, you would be pleased that the suits you donate will help people that serve your country.

Donating to the veterans will be a lifelong exclamation of our celebration of veterans and memorial day.

To donate, you can use the drop-off. Or you can book an appointment to get your suit picked up.

Save a Suit

Like VVA, save a suit is another great non-profit option to donate suits to veterans. It also serves transitioning service members with business and professional attire.

Since its start in 2010, Save a Suit has become one of the growing non-profits for veterans. It has helped over 5,000 veterans in “suiting up.”

Plus, it partnered with big names like Pfizer and eBay to make a change for hardworking veterans.

The donation process is easy. You can drop off your suits at their offices or mail them to the office in Connecticut.

Even if someone donates money, they use it to purchase suits for military-serving men. Save a Suit make these donations through quarterly events all over the country.

The Phoenix Suit Project

The Phoenix Suit Project aims to connect non-profits-profits with the suit wearers. Thus, offering a unique way to donate your suit.

The Phoenix Suit Project’s primary goal is to equip low-income men with professional attire. That way, these people can be a part of a community that dresses well.

To this date, they have collected over 5,000 suits and distributed them to deserving recipients.

The donation process is also effortless. You just have to book an appointment through the website, and they’ll pick your suit.

In addition, the Phoenix Suit Project does a yearly fundraiser. This event brings suit wearers together to help people who can’t present their best selves due to a lack of clothes.

One Man’s Treasure

One Man’s Treasure is another great non-profit to donate your suits. It’s based in Texas and supports recently released men from prison.

Most men, after incarceration, are left with almost nothing. One Man’s Treasure helps these men in networking and starting everything from scratch.

Plus, these also serve the clothing needs of these gents. And you can help them by donating your suits and other clothes.

The donation process is also simple. The drop-off locations are in the major cities of Texas.

However, you can book an appointment from anywhere in the U.S to donate the suits.

One Man’s Treasure also keeps an active record of what clothes they immediately need.

So, when you donate, the charity will right away help a deserving person.


Goodwill is a globally recognized organization that helps individuals find jobs and set a good career path.

They have a range of donation centers, thrift stores, and career centers you can use to donate your suits.

These will be donated to deserving individuals to make them look appropriate for job interviews and the work environment.

Donating to Goodwill is also very easy. Find a donation center near you through their website, and drop off your clothes.

Green Drop

Green Drop has a simple method of working. These get the donated suits and other clothing items sold to Thrift stores.

It will then donate the Generated cash to charitable organizations.

American Red Cross and the National Federation of Blind are their popular charity partners.

In addition, Green Drop also recycles clothes and sends them to third-world countries. They offer both drop-off and pick-up facilities.

If you plan to donate your suits to Green Drop, utilize their pick-up facility. It’s quick and hassle-free and will save you time.

Hire Heroes USA

This is another non-profit-profit organization to donate your suits and clothes to veterans and U.S military members.

Hire Heroes USA will be supporting military members and veterans in their civilian life, especially with jobs. And you can be a part of the picture by offering clothes.

Since Hire Heroes USA focuses on providing job opportunities, they accept interview-appropriate clothes, mainly suits.

You can donate by either dropping off your suits or mailing them. Currently, they don’t have any pick-up option.

Soup Kitchens

Our Father House Soup Kitchens (OFH Soup Kitchen) primary goal is to provide food and meals to the deserving.

In addition, they have a charity boutique that receives suits, shirts, and other clothing items.

This organization will then distribute clothes among those who actually need them.

OFH Soup Kitchen is based in Florida, so you must pack and mail them your suits and clothes.

Homeless Shelters

There is a significant majority of underserved people live in homeless shelters. Many of them will be trying hard to make ends meet.

Some agency often runs these shelters, providing people with food, clothes, and other necessities.

You also help these homeless people by contacting the governing body.

These authorities are often welcoming to professional attire like suits.

But make sure to do proper research in your area before making a charity.

Local Charities

There are local charities in every city and every state.

Many of these charities go beyond the cash and accept clothing and suit donations.

You can donate to these local charities without the trouble of sorting things out. It will be beneficial as you’ll be helping the community around you.

But make sure to do your research before donating something. It’s also essential to cross-check that you’re donating to a non-profit organization.

Where to Donate Men’s Suits FAQs

Where to donate suits for Veterans?

Vietnam Veterans of America, Hire Heroes USA, and Save a Suit are reputable charities to donate suits to veterans. You can also reach out to local charities that serve veterans and donate suits.

Can you donate men’s suits to homeless shelters?

Yes. But it’s hard to donate suits directly to people in homeless shelters. Instead, you can choose an organization running these shelters. Then donate suits to these organizations.

What to do with suits that don’t fit anymore?

If there is a minor fit issue, you can ask the tailor to correct it for you. However, donating it to some charity is great if you’re not wearing the suit.

What to do with old suits not suitable for charity?

If the suit is not suitable for charity, the easiest way to get rid of it is by recycling it. Some other options are making animal shelters, compost fabric, dress-up boxes, and using fabric as patches.

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  1. I have retired and have several suits and ties of high quality that I would like to donate to individuals that could use them. Zegna, Canali, and others. Thanks in advance if you can assist.

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