How to smell good as a man

How to Smell Good as a Man

It isn’t enough to want to avoid smelling bad; a stylish gentleman should always aim to smell good!

Fighting off foul odors, whether natural body scents or bad perfume choices, is only the first step in giving off pleasant scents.

From the moment you wake up until you retire for the evening, here are seven helpful hints to keep you smelling fresh and even appealing.

Shower Regularly to Smell Good

No matter how rushed your mornings are, showering is one step you should always start your day with.

It’s also beyond smelling good. Stepping under the water stream is one of the best ways to perk you up!

It sounds like basic common sense, but it probably bears repeating that you should pay extra attention to your stinkiest body parts in the shower.

You know the ones: your armpits, groin, and feet. These are the spots with the most sweat glands.

Because these spots tend to get the most moisture, they can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

And, you guessed it: bacteria will cause a big stink.

Wash your whole body using organic body wash, but give an extra scrub to these problem areas.

And since showering every day can be somewhat drying on your skin, follow up with a nice-smelling moisturizer while your skin is still damp.

Wash the Hair

Even if you’re showering daily, you don’t need to wash your hair every time to smell good.

It’s healthier for your hair if you give it a break and allow some of its natural oils to build up a bit.

So, wash it every three days for the healthiest results for your hair.

Body wash regularly, but wash hair twice a week

Using a pleasant-smelling shampoo, scrub the soap into your scalp using the tips of your fingertips.

You should feel like you’ve had a lovely scalp massage when you’ve finished!

Follow up with a complementary conditioner to soften your hair.

Be sure to rinse the conditioner very well, or it may leave your hair feeling dirty after all that!

Brush Your Teeth

Now, of course, you should brush your teeth at least twice each day.

But that’s doing the bare minimum to smell good; you should be going above and beyond!

Did you know that your tongue is another hot spot for bacteria? Yuck.

And the tiny bits of food that get stuck between your teeth can also encourage bacteria.

All this bacteria isn’t just dangerous for your dental hygiene, but it can also contribute to bad breath.

That’s why you need to do a little more than your basic brushing.

You should use a tongue scraper daily to muck that gross bacteria off your tongue.

Floss and finish off with mouthwash to put the final kibosh on those pesky bacteria.

And see your dentist regularly!

Shave Your Body

Remember how bacteria and sweat under your arms can add up to one big stink?

Your armpit hair isn’t doing you any favors if you want to smell good.

Shaved armpits help men smell fresh

The hair traps all your sweat, making it more difficult to naturally dry and avoid bacteria buildup.

It may not be a common solution for the modern man, but if body odor is a significant problem for you, consider shaving your underarm hair.

If you aren’t comfortable with that solution, even just trimming your armpit hair can make a big difference.

Engaging in a bit of manscaping is more than about looking attractive; it’s also about creating good personal hygiene!

Use Antiperspirant Deodorant

Apply antiperspirant deodorant to your underarms once you’ve toweled off after your shower.

You’ll get a maximum smell-good effect if you apply it on shaved skin.

Apply deodorant on shaved armpits to smell good

But here’s the catch: make sure you’re using a deodorant labeled “antiperspirant,” not just deodorant.

A regular deodorant only applies scent to cover up your natural manly musk.

The result is typically your natural body odor mixed with the scent of your deodorant.

However, an antiperspirant blocks sweat from forming under your arms, preventing odor before it can even start!

It’s super to feel assured that you won’t have any bad smells forming, but what’s even better is that your underarms stay dry all day long!

Get a Nice Perfume that Smells Good

One of the most effective ways to smell good is to apply a perfume or cologne that will last all day.

And the fun part is that you have total control over the result; you get to choose the one you prefer best.

However, remember that you get what you pay for.

If you want a long-lasting and pleasant scent that will remain true all day, you should be willing to invest in the perfume.

Scent maxxing

A more costly name-brand will likely smell better and stay with you longer throughout the day than an inexpensive drugstore brand.

Your chosen scent sends a message to the people around you about who you are, so choose wisely.

Pick one that you feel comfortable with, not one that you think you should smell like.

Where to Apply Perfume

Use perfume responsibly.

There is little as annoying as finding yourself in a cloud of another person’s perfume, especially if it’s a scent you don’t care for.

Your perfume should surprise and delight people as they discover it; it should never feel overwhelming.

Some people are sensitive to scents or may be allergic to them, so that’s another reason to not bathe in your perfume.

For best usage, spray a bit on your wrists, the back of your neck, and a spritz across your chest.

This way, people will only notice traces of your aroma once they get close to you.

Also, opting for a subtle scent might get people closer to you so they can keep smelling you.

Eat Healthier and Exercise Regularly

Eating fruits and vegetables containing protein is another good way to combat bacteria that cause smells.

Fruits and veggies contain a lot of water and help flush out your system, taking many bad smells with them.

Exercising is another fantastic way to work out some of those odors. It not only helps you smell good but also helps you get the best looks of yourself.

Looksmaxxing advanced

You know that sweat is smelly, so it may seem counterintuitive to make yourself sweat.

However, when you exercise and work up a sweat, you release toxins that are in the body.

Perspiring regularly is perfect for expelling those toxins that can build up within your glands and make you smell bad.

Think of exercise as a deep clean for your sweat glands and an investment in smelling good!

Wear Natural and Breathable Fabrics

Natural fibers are better in many ways than synthetic ones.

One of the most beneficial aspects of wearing natural fabrics is that they are breathable, allowing air to circulate through the fabric and around your body.

When you can air out your skin, it is less likely that you’ll start sweating and, thus, stinking.

Synthetics are nearly like covering your body in plastic wrap; it can cause you to overheat and perspire.

The other issue with man-made fabrics is that they don’t absorb moisture. So, when you begin to sweat, it has nowhere to go.

But most importantly, you should always wear clean clothes to smell good, regardless of the fabric.

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