Different ways to wear a navy blazer for men

How to Wear a Navy Blazer

The classic navy blazer is the most versatile garment you can ever wear.

In essence, it creates your sharpest dress pants and button-down looks. But equally capable of pulling together the widest-fit jeans and t-shirts.

All you need is some inspiration with just the right amount of confidence.

Different Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer

The navy blazer is one of the most popular garments when wearing separates.

Wearing a navy blazer with shirt and pants

And for a gentleman who isn’t necessarily a “suit guy,” this dark-colored blazer is the getaway for dressy events.

It’s also the heart of classic and preppy fashion, connecting you to the American tradition.

And recently, with the hype around different style aesthetics, a navy blazer anchors its foundation as a wardrobe essential.

So, the options are countless. You just need to figure out what will work for you.

With a Dress Shirt & Pants

Looking for the modus operandi for dressing timeless and classic?

Wear a navy blazer with a white dress shirt and grey or tan pants.

It’s the oldest trick in the book to look dapper, giving a hint of trend-led fashion.

On the other hand, a navy blazer, light blue striped shirt, and grey trousers make the most practical business-casual look.

Navy blazer, blue striped shirt, and charcoal pants

With black loafers and a bit of ankle show, this outfit becomes the epitome of casual creativity.

For dressier looks, wearing a double-breasted navy blazer with a tie works better.

Navy double-breasted blazer with charcoal pants and brown loafers

The striped shirt, a patterned tie, and jacket’s heritage will make you look like the young Ralph Lauren or King Charles.

Navy Blazer with Button-Down Shirt

The button-down shirt and navy blazer are both classic garments. So, it makes sense to style these as such.

At its core, this combination is a business-casual starter. At the same time, It’s a sure-success to enjoy the laid-back feel of dressing up.

Navy blazer, light-blue striped OCBD, blue jeans, and brown suede loafers

To play by the rules, wear an ice-blue button-down and dark pants.

That’s not to say you can’t be creative. Wear a tailored dark wash denim and a blue-striped button-down for an off-duty ensemble.

Add in the suede loafers for some accents of creativity.

Sweater Under The Blazer

Looking to explore the layering potential of a navy blazer?

Style it to rizz up those humble sweaters, adding multiple focal points and depth to your looks.

Navy blazer, blue crew neck sweater, white shirt, and dark blue jeans

For the office, try wearing a navy blazer over a blue crew-neck sweater.

Layer these over a white button-up and match them with dark wash denim and beige suede oxfords.

For evening elegance, complement the blazer with the textures of the turtleneck and dress pants.

Navy blue blazer, light brown turtleneck, and grey pants

Finish the look with some accessories and tassel loafers for a sophisticated take.

Navy Blazer with Denim Shirt

Unless you’re Bruce Springsteen or Justin Timberlake, I guess the denim shirt over jeans wasn’t your go-to look. Until now.

But here comes the navy blazer, and this tonal pairing starts giving that casual Riviera energy.

Navy blazer, blue denim shirt, and blue jeans

The contrast of the navy against the light-wash denim also makes it a perfect weekend outfit.

I also like the idea of wearing pin-roll jeans and blue loafers. It’s a bit of a stand-out but in a good way.

Navy Blazer with Chinos

Open your mind’s eye and picture a navy blazer with khaki or tan chinos.

You’re now looking at “uniform,” which makes the statement with a time-tested dose of sophistication.

Navy blazer and khaki chinos, with blue dress shirt

Embrace it with an ice blue button-up, navy tie, and brown oxford for the dress, ready for the office.

Also, an Ivy-style approved twist on the navy blazer makes it a perfect outfit for preppy cocktails.

For a more casual take, ditch the tie and wear a lively pink or lavender button-up shirt.

Navy blazer, lavender shirt, and beige chinos

Match it loafers and par-back the accessories, and you’re ready for a beach party in Portofino.

Navy Blazer with Jeans

I am a big fan of the breezy nautical style, especially improvising it.

And with the navy sports jacket, the top half of the look always appears sorted.

Navy blazer, white dress shirt, light grey jeans, and brown loafers

But what about the legwear? Go with either navy, blue, or light grey jeans.

This is the look that appears sartorially improvised yet quite nonchalant. The balance is in the white shirt.

It can be your go-to look for smart casual occasions in summer. Or whenever you want to skyrocket your weekend style.

Navy double-breasted blazer, white shirt, blue jeans, and brown suede loafers

The choice of footwear can be a personal preference. But loafers feel like a natural match.

Navy Blazer with Polo T-Shirt

If you ask Pitti Guys, “What are the modern rules of tailoring?”

They will probably picture an outfit featuring a navy blazer and polo shirt. And I agree.

Navy blazer, olive green polo shirt, white pants, and brown suede loafers

Contrast is essential to pull off this combination, and that can extend to your trousers.

Start with the classic palette of the grey polo and navy suit jacket.

Then, you can opt for white pants for a summery edge and to showcase a bit of personality.

Navy blazer, black polo shirt, off-white pants, and navy suede loafers

For a more modest look, wear khaki chinos.

Top these with suede loafers or dressy boat shoes, and you’re good to go.

Navy Blazer over a Simple Tee

When the temperature begins to soar, it doesn’t mean your style has to suffer.

The navy blazer over a T-shirt can be a cool tweak for all the dressy summer needs.

Navy suit jacket and pants, black crew-neck t-shirt, and navy blue loafers

It’s also a low-profile fit to elevate your style from common to couture.

To nail the look, complement the dark blazer with cuffed black pants.

Match these with the classic Breton stripe tee. You now have a much-needed contrast and maritime French elegance.

Navy blazer, striped t-shirt, black jeans, and black derby shoes

The black derby shoe is a perfect dressy ally to complete the look.

Pairing with a Henley Shirt

Why let Chris Pratt have all the fun with Henley?

You should also explore your Hollywood style by wearing your favorite henley shirt with a navy blazer.

Navy blazer, beige Henley t-shirt, and beige pants

Also, when it comes to versatility, the henley shirt and navy blazer are two peas in a pod.

So, it’s a failsafe way to look dapper from summer nuptials to fall cocktails.

From the ground up, navy suede loafers will provide a solid foundation. And the tan trousers will keep things grounded.

The blazer would be the hero piece, providing contrast with trousers and the beige henley shirt.

Navy Blazer with Sneakers

Tired of leaning on a navy blazer as a basic garment? It’s time to explore something new.

There are thousands of ways to go about this, but I like it with sneakers and some statement pieces.

Navy suit jacket, white dress shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers

Striped chinos would be both a stand-out item and an anchoring piece. Pair them with white leather low tops and a plain button-up shirt.

This look might test your sartorial prowess, but it oozes confidence from every stitch.

Navy Blazer with Cargo Pants

If you fancy more of a gentleman than a skater-boy vibe from the cargo pants, wear them with a navy blazer.

Navy blazer, blue dress shirt, khaki cargo pants, and navy sneakers

The combination can become sublime if you mix the casual take on tailoring with dressy parts of cargo.

The classic options are slim or straight cargo pants in neutral colors like grey and dark green.

Wear denim, chambray, or a classic light-blue button-up to keep the outfit balanced.

Sneakers are a good match for the athletic allure of cargo pants.

Choosing the Right Navy Blazer Style

The reason the navy blazer got a great rep around? It’s versatile with a masculine fit.

And the trick to max out its sartorial potential lies in choosing the right blazer style.

Start with the jacket construction.

What is an unstructured blazer

A blazer ideally should have minimal padding with soft shoulders, balancing formality with downtime dressing.

Full or half-canvas construction is a personal preference.

Half-canvas vs. full-canvas suits

In terms of cut, slim-fit blazers are the best option. They are versatile and match the navy’s dandy aesthetic.

For other details, I suggest keeping things relaxed and easy.

A two-button single-breasted blazer with notch lapels, flap pocket, and side vents is the best you can have.

Other Things to Consider

Small details make a big impact? Yes! That applies to wearing a navy blazer as well.

The number one thing is the fit of the garments.

The blazer should flatter your body type with perfect lengths and an impeccable drape. The same applies to shirts and legwear.

The Right Accessories

With the navy blazer being a wardrobe staple, less is often more.

Therefore, I only recommend stocking the outfit with understated accessories.

Belt and watch colors should match

A matching belt to the shoes, a nice casual watch, and cool socks are some things to go for.

Pocket squares are good for a vivid touch when wearing a navy blazer with casual wear.

Fabrics According to the Season

While heavy fabric like tweed drapes nicely, and cotton is breezy, versatility is the name of the game.

Choose a fabric that compliments the season.

Merino wool is the best to enjoy the nautical summer vibes, along with the cool evening captivity of the navy blazer.

On the other hand, pure wool is better when the temperature begins to descent.

Footwear Choices

The foundation of all navy blazer outfits, dressy or casual, is laid by footwear.

If you want to avoid any missteps, loafers are the best shoes. Extra points if you go with suede.

Leather loafers vs. suede loafers

Low-profile sneakers are appropriate for casual looks.

Wear brown leather dress shoes like Derby for dressy outfits.


Navy blazers are a heavy-duty workhorse in layering.

But lightweight layering is the way to go about it. For example, wear it over a plain Oxford shirt or your regular crew neck T-shirt.

Wearing a navy blazer with a blue dress shirt

It’s best to avoid layering the navy blazer with thick cable knit sweaters.

When to Wear a Navy Blazer

Suit separates for office, summer cocktails, and beach weddings; when to wear a navy sports coat instead of a full suit?

The fact is, there is no limit. Expect black-tie events.

I live by the principle that if it asks to deploy some thought in dressing, wear the navy blazer.

Semi-formal events, weekend parties, business, and smart-casual occasions are prime examples.

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