What is looksmaxxing and steps on how to looksmax

What is Looksmaxxing

Looksmaxxing is exactly what it sounds like. That is maximizing your looks in a way that you appear and feel your best.

There are different looksmaxxing methods, but all of them unite by the overarching detail of looking “your best version” through self-improvement.

And looksmaxxing isn’t some crazy concept like Patrick Bateman’s morning skincare routine.

Instead, think of it as a set of scientifically proven details to achieve your full physical and style potential.

Looksmaxxing Basics

The Internet might be the incubator of “looksmaxxing,” but the concept of getting a glow-up is almost eternal.

Looksmaxxing utilizes this same “glow up” concept but goes beyond just getting a pretty face.

Looksmaxxing basics

It has three main pillars: fitness, fashion, and facial. I call them the three F’s.

Looksmaxxing also takes into account your mental health and well-being.

Therefore, removing “chronic stress” from life is a prerequisite to seeing the effects of physical and grooming upgrades.

Also, things that are genetic or you can’t control aren’t a part of looksmaxxing.

You’re not conforming to societal standards of beauty.

Instead, you will play with the cards you’re dealt with, trying to look your best in every possible way.

But don’t take looksmaxxing as a silver bullet.

Start with a solid foundation and make your way to the top.


Not all heroes wear capes; some apply SPF and a moisturizer.

Puns aside, a good skincare routine is among the looksmaxxing essentials.

A cleanser (or facewash), moisturizer, and sunscreen are all you need. Plus points if you want to use the retinoid.

The ideal combination is to apply sunscreen every day and moisturize and cleanse twice daily.

Eat Balance & Clean Diet

When maxing your physical appearance, think of your body like a vehicle, with diet as its gasoline.

You don’t want to be knocking your body with bad quality “junk food.”

Instead, eat a balanced diet of complex carbs, lean meat, vegetables, and other whole foods.

To go one step above, track your calories and tailor the diet per cutting or bulking mode.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is your best friend. On average, you should drink around 1 Gallon (3.7 liters) of water daily.

It will keep your skin hydrated, help you lose weight, and improve your gut health.

Drinking water 30 minutes before the meal is usually the best approach.

Clean and Straighten Your Teeth

Shining white teeth are a sign of good personal care and boosts self-confidence.

For teethmaxxing, brush your teeth twice daily and floss every day. You can also use teeth whitening strips and a tongue scraper.

Ideally, the teeth should be straight and symmetrical.

If that’s not the case, focus on nose breathing instead of mouth. You can also use clear at-home teeth aligners.

Enough Sleep Time

When your brain and body take rest, it’s when you acquire the glow.

Seven to nine hours of continuous sleep is ideal. But the quality of sleep equally matters.

Optimize your sleep by getting more “Deep Sleep” and less REM sleep (comparatively).

This can be done by having a proper sleep schedule and avoiding caffeine and blue light at night.

Hair Care and Scalp Health

The scalp isn’t a self-cleaning oven. It needs nourishment like the rest of your skin.

Start by understanding your scalp type. Then, exfoliate it with a scalp brush and avoid harsh irritants like silicone.

Looksmaxxing intermediate

Hair care is even more important in looksmaxxing. Develop a hair care routine by learning how to shampoo properly.

Shampoo your hair every two days and not daily.

Sulfates in shampoos are not a good thing, either. They might be foamy, but leave your scalp dry.

Therefore, non-stripping gentle shampoos are the best option. Using a nourishing conditioner is also good for hair.

Finally, you can add rosemary oil to shampoo. It has proven benefits in thickening the hair.

Find Your Haircut

To find that “perfect” haircut, you have to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

The ideal approach is to get a hairstyle that fits your face shape.

Asking your barber for recommendations can also help.

You also need some styling products like pomade or hair wax.

This will depend on your hair structure and the finish you want with them.

Treating Hair Loss

The whole hairmaxxing would be worthless, if you’re facing hair fall. Get a treatment for hair loss first.

Microneedling is the easiest at-home treatment. Using it with finasteride or minoxidil has benefits for preventing hair loss.

If the hair loss persists, PRP, laser therapy, or taking a flight to Turkey are your options.

Facial Hair & Eyebrows

Facial hairs are pretty individual.

Still, your facial features will guide you in growing a beard or having a clean-shaven look.

A patchy beard, though, contradicts looksmaxxing. Get it fixed using a derma roller and minoxidil, or go clean shaved.

For the eyebrows, you don’t have to do much. Just clean around your eyebrows and make sure they feel natural for your face.

Workout Routine

Bodymaxxing, or having a good physique, is among the key pillars to max out your appearance.

Looksmaxxing advanced

Plus, it will boost your self-confidence and make your clothes fit better.

Ideally, every young man should go to the gym three to five times a week.

You can go with a push, pull, and leg split. Or train individual muscles each day called bro split.

Cardio is essential, too. It won’t kill your gains, but rather keep you lean and on top of your looksmaxxing game.

Mood boosting and getting good sleep are additional benefits.

You can start with doing cardio three times a week. 3/mph at 12 inclines is the standard for the treadmill.

For outdoor running, 6 km/min for 30 minutes (covering 5k in 30 minutes) is more than enough cardio.

Consider Health Supplements for Natural Glow

Don’t worry! Nobody will question your “natty” status using health supplements.

In fact, these will help you get a natural glow up far more quickly.

You can start by taking multivitamins. These will compensate for any nutritional gap your diet can’t fulfill.

Besides multivitamins, vitamin C serums are great for smoothly textured skin.

Collagen powders are also almost miraculous.

Besides their expected anti-aging effect, scientific evidence suggests benefits like increasing muscle mass, joint mobility, and thick hair.

Adequate testosterone levels are also essential to get a glow-up.

Quality sleep and a good diet help in increasing testosterone.

In the same way, supplements containing fenugreek, ginger, zinc, and vitamin D have researched data to increase your body’s testosterone.

Fashion Maxxing: Build Your Wardrobe Like a Pro

You can’t press play on a self-improvement YouTube video without someone telling you the importance of a good style; rightly so!

It’s actually the personal style that projects you to the world, highlighting that workout you put in at the gym.

However, fashion maxxing can require some finesse.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not against following the latest fashion trends. They can talk the talk, but it’s those classic details that whisper class.

At the very least, you can understand the dress codes, the basic fashion styles, and the color theory.

Once you figure this out, it is time to develop your signature style.

Find Your Fashion Style

The best thing about fashion mixing is that there are many ways to do this right.

It all starts with finding what makes you confident. This will define your fashion style.

Are you a fan of good tailoring, and is James Bond your style icon? Your style is more likely to be classic.

James bond evolution

You try to be playful while sticking to classics; that’s a preppy style.

The young Gianni Agnelli style, like you inherited class from Naples, that’s old money for you.

Do give a good thought to learning about different styles before you build your capsule wardrobe.

It’s important not to max out on a particular fashion all at once. Remember, fashionmaxxing is a process rather than just an action.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s not what to wear; it’s how you wear it.

The whole idea behind looksmaxxing and upgrading your wardrobe is that you look stylish while sticking to essentials.

So, there is no need to buy dozens of clothes when you’re never going to wear them. Instead, prefer quality over quantity.

Also, buying a quality garment once is better than buying the low-quality counterparts five times.

The shouting logos have no place in quality garments. And “quiet luxury” is the name of the game.

Looksmaxxing Through a Suit

Many young men simply don’t understand the potential of looksmaxxing by wearing a suit.

Don Draper in Mad Men wearing a classic black suit and black tie as a formal business outfit

It’s one of those rare upgrades that instantly upgrade your appearance.

Have you ever seen a well-suited guy not looking great?

Then what’s stopping you?

Start by learning about suit styles, fit, and color. The best suit is the one tailored to your body.

It will project charisma and make you an attractive person like no other garment ever can.

Once you invest in a well-fitted, high-quality suit, all your formal affairs will be sorted.

But for looksmaxxing, you need more than that.

Learn to wear suit separates for a nonchalant vibe to casual yet dressy occasions.

With an unstructured jacket, you’ll be a style “Giga Chad” without trying hard.

Scent Maxxing & How to Smell Good

Scents create powerful emotions. And with scent mixing, you will make an aura of attraction by smelling really good.

Scent maxxing

However, you must go beyond the ordinary personal hygiene.

Start by showering every morning. Take help from a shower gel and body wash scents.

It’s best to have a couple of body scents rotated to avoid getting nose blind to your freshness.

Using a gentle exfoliant in the shower will help remove dead skin cells that can retain odor.

Also, never skip on wearing a deodorant. Opting for non-aluminum-based deodorants complementing your body wash scent is best.

Find Your Fragrance Style

How can you improve your fragrance game without smelling like every other guy?

Well, there are a lot of ways.

Understanding different perfume notes and accords will give you a head start.

You then have to tailor it according to style and personality.

For example, a fragrance for old money looks will have citrusy top notes, a lavender heart, and woody base notes.

Fragrance can react differently to different skin. So, it’s a matter of testing things out before you find that perfect fragrance.

A pro tip is to layer fragrances. A spritz or two on pulse points, and you’ll carry a genuinely unique sillage.

Wash Your Clothes and Sheets Regularly

Looksmaxxing extends past personal grooming and into the other areas of your life.

These are things like long-term care of your garments that can impact you in any way.

I suggest starting with your bed. Ideally, you need to replace your bed sheets every 4-5 days.

It will prevent any rashes and irritations from sweat and dead skin cells on these sheets.

Also, washing your clothes is essential to make them odor and germ-free.

A mild fragrance-free laundry detergent helps in such cases.

But make sure to follow the instructions on the label for washing and drying.

Advanced Looksmaxxing Techniques

You can never skimp on basics and hope for a glow-up. These are the essentials that I’ve discussed till now.

However, for looksmaxxing with a wow factor, you might need to go the extra mile.

I call these “advanced” looksmaxxing techniques. In fact, these things make looksmaxxing popular in the first place.


“The facial features are pretty much genetic.” I am sure you’ve heard of this, too.

However, Dr. John Mew tried to challenge this concept by introducing mewing.

It’s when you push your tongue against your hard palate, engaging the jaw muscles, mimicking swallowing.

Also, while mewing, you always breathe from your nose.

The idea is that doing these actions for long periods can give you a well-defined facial aesthetic and prominent jawline.

There is no solid scientific data to back up the mewing. However, substantial evidence on the Internet proves the results.

Plus, mewing would always be a safer method for looksmaxxing than having facial surgeries.

Gua Sha

A part of Chinese medicine, Gua Sha is a smooth-edge instrument used to massage the facial skin.

The idea is that this manual massaging produces collagen, which in turn removes wrinkles.

It also improves facial circulation, helping with puffy eyes and removing dark circles.

Gua Sha can also help relieve tension between the facial skin and underlying muscles.

Therefore, Gua Sha is called a natural facelift. And some studies prove the benefits of using it.

Under Eye Mask

Using under-eye masks is a relaxing alternative to puffy eyes.

These also reduce dark circles, provide skin elasticity, and make your face look more energized.

The best part is it’s just a 20-minute activity offering plenty of benefits at a low cost.

Hunter Eyes

It’s those almond-shaped eyes with a vertically compact and horizontally wide aesthetic.

Such deep-set eyes and a prominent brow bridge also create a masculine appearance.

There are many ways to looksmax to get hunter eyes. The first one is losing weight and reducing fat on the cheeks.

Less facial fat causes prominent cheekbones, making your eyes look deep.

Mewing and facial exercises like cheek lifts and eye squeezes can also help attain hunter eyes naturally.

Note that these exercises take time before you start seeing the results.

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