Best shoe colors you can wear with a grey suit

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Suit

There’s a confidence that comes with having your shoes sorted with a grey suit.

Imagine Harvey Specter thinking of shoe colors to match the grey suit every day.

The old-school guys may retreat and rely on one or two options.

But here I am talking about shoe colors to style your grey suit in every situation, ever.

Dark or Medium Brown Shoes

Whether you wear a grey suit by dressing formally or have an instinct for creativity, brown shoes always fit the bill.

Charcoal grey suit, blue dress shirt, brown tie, and brown loafers

Take these as a surprise factor for versatility or to add a personal flair.

Starting with the office favorite, a medium grey suit. In such formal settings, brown shoes in darker hues work great.

I suggest dark brown tassel loafers, balancing formality with a modern aesthetic.

With a light grey suit, you have more footwear options, both in color and style.

Wearing a light grey flanner suit with a biege turtleneck

Medium-brown derby shoes are the elite of smart footwear.

Wear these with a backdrop of the light blue dress shirt for some corporate charisma.

If the grey suit is wool or tweed, you can be more creative with shoes.

For example, wearing dark-brown monk straps for a business-formal look.

Light grey suit, white dress shirt, and charcoal dotted tie

Alternatively, try dress boots like Chelseas with a turtleneck to look “suited and booted.”

Black Shoes

Let’s call a spade a spade. Black is the most formal shoe color you can wear with a grey suit.

Charcoal suit, white shirt, black Oxford shoes, and blue paisley tie

To maximize this aesthetic benefit, choosing the right shoe style becomes even more important.

So, wear black Oxford shoes if it’s a corporate event, a job interview, or a formal wedding.

Grey suit, white dress shirt, grey tie, and black Oxford shoes

A white button-up and the monochromatic grey tie will complete this dressy look.

Switch oxfords with Chelsea boots to make it your favorite look during colder days.

Ditch the tie to go easy on the dressy aspect of attire.

Grey suit, white dress shirt, and black leather Chelsea boots

As an alternative, try black double monk straps to stray from the traditional footwear route.

Complement these with dandy details like a black tie and a pencil-striped shirt.

Grey suit, white-striped dress shirt, black tie, and black monk strap shoes

Keep in mind that black is the most formal shoe color, so go with men’s leather shoes instead of suede.

That way, there will be “no fuss” in footwear, and the grey suit will do the talking.

Black Oxford shoes by TJM.
Black cap-toe derbies by TJM.

Burgundy or Oxblood Shoes

Wearing burgundy shoes with a grey suit has been long favored by high-style fashionistas, and it’s easy to see why.

Burgundy loafers with a light grey suit and white shirt

The red tones in burgundy give a hint of adventure, contrasting the grey, all within your sartorial limits.

Wearing burgundy or oxblood shoes can also mean room for relaxation in the top half.

You can replace the white shirt with blue in the three-piece suit and still call yourself the “hero of semi-formal”.

Charcoal grey three-piece suit, blue dress shirt, and burgundy monk straps

Conversely, wear burgundy loafers with a white shirt.

This time, try some suit patterns to match your oxblood tassel loafer’s adventure.

Grey suit, white dress shirt, and oxblood loafers

Another nonchalant look is to ditch the tie. Let those burgundy shoes make a subtle statement with your slim-fit grey suit.

Tan or Light Brown Shoes

Neither overly dressy nor too casual, tan and light brown dress shoes stand on the dividing line between the two.

With the grey suit, this translates as wearing tan shoes to semi-formal, cocktail, and business-casual dress codes.

Grey suit, blue dress shirt, and tan suede loafers

Tan shoes are also very versatile. These can be as subtle or stand out as you want.

Light-brown brogues, for example, with a light grey suit will carry you through the dressy summer evenings.

Grey three-piece suit, white shirt, and tan derby shoes

Wear loafers and venture into the suede territory for a bold take.

This will make your sockless, no-break hem look like a modern take on suiting. Try a plain white or a blue striped shirt.

Grey suit, white dress shirt, and tan canvas loafers

However, make sure to accessorize with a matching belt and a pocket square.

Two-Tone Shoes

No! Not the spectator shoes. But the intent is the same: “Be different.”

Grey suit, light blue dress shirt, and brown double monks

Brown shoes, kissed by darker shades on the toe cap, define “two-tone” here.

Wear these for a touch of personality or whenever you want a subtle, luxe statement.

Grey suit, blue patterned shirt, and brown derby brogue shoes

For the suit, almost every shade of grey will work. But stick to medium and light grey for the sake of creativity.

Two-tone Oxford shoes will be good as a dressy option. With a grey three-piece suit for a wedding, for example.

Alternatively, monk straps and brogues can be a zesty option for cocktails or brunch at upscale restaurants.

Think sans tie look in a light blue or grey stripe shirt with some accessories.

White Sneakers

If a single theme defines “smart” suiting, it should be wearing a suit with sneakers.

And white is definitely at the top of the hierarchy among dress sneakers.

wearing a grey cotton suit with a white shirt and white sneakers

With the grey suit, white sneakers create a contemporary pairing. It’s smart, sophisticated, and exquisitely modern.

To pull these right, wear low-top sneakers in leather. For the suit, go with lighter shades of grey.

Add a plain white button-up, and your business casual workhorse is ready. But you can do a lot more.

Wear a henley shirt instead, and add accessories like a pocket square, watch, belt, etc. You’ll rock those dressy summer vibes.

Grey suit, white Henley shirt, and off-white sneakers

Also, don’t forget to keep your white sneakers clean.

Additional Style Tips

Sure! You know the shoe colors to wear with a grey suit.

But being the Logan Roy or Don Draper of the real world takes more than that.

It includes considering those fine nuances that most guys don’t take into account. Everything from the suit style to the shirt and tie colors can make an impact.

So, let’s dive into those details.

Grey Suit Shade

Your grey suit shade determines the choice of shoe. Ideally, both should complement each other.

Light-grey vs. charcoal grey suit

If it’s a true charcoal grey suit, black shoes are your best friend.

A medium grey suit? Choose between the formal black and more versatile brown or burgundy.

Pretty much every neutral shoe color is acceptable with the light grey suit. So, let the occasion guide you.

The Shoe Style

It’s a pretty underrated thing, but choosing the right shoe style will take you places.

On the grey suit spectrum, this can change your style from “ordinary to head-turner.”

Oxfords will be your most formal shoe. Wear it with the charcoal grey suit for formal events.

Choosing between cap-toe, brogue, and wholecut oxfords will be a personal preference.

Loafers, in comparison, are best for relatively casual settings. Penny and tassel loafers are my MVPs.

For middle-of-the-road shoe styles, double monk straps or derby shoes are great to wear with a grey suit.

Occasion & Formality

Your shoe color, style, and everything else comes down to the occasion and formality.

For dressed-up formal affairs, black shoes should be your go-to. The same goes for most business-formal events.

The shoe options expand as you start stepping down the dress code ladder.

Brown shoes are good for anything semi-formal. Think fine dining, business dinners, cocktail attire, and weddings.

A more festive approach towards semi-formal is wearing burgundy shoes.

Tan or light brown dress shoes and leather sneakers are ideal for smart-casual situations.

Belt Matches the Shoe Color

If wearing a belt, don’t take it for granted. Instead, match it with your shoe color to make a big impact.

Choose the same color belt and shoes with suit

Do the shoe and belt should have identical shades? Not always, but the primary color should be the same.

You can Invest in three belts: black, brown, and burgundy. And that will cover you for every situation.

Other Accessories

Accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought with your grey suit. Instead, wear these to tell about your personality.

If it’s a formal occasion, add a pop of color to your tie. Maybe wear a tie bar.

Recommended accessories to wear with grey suits

A contrasting pocket square can also be a unique detail.

Finally, let your grey suit glint by wearing your favorite watch and a matching leather band.

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