How to wear the modern fit cut suit

What Defines the Men’s Modern Fit Suit

The modern fit suit cut sits perfectly on most people.

It is one of the most versatile suit fits that caters to all body types and shapes.

Keep in mind that suit-wearing is not all about colors and shades.

It also matters how well the suit sits on your body; nothing can go wrong with a modern-fit suit.

Here is everything you need to know about the modern fit!

What is a Modern Fit Suit?

Modern fit refers to a suit cut that is specifically trimmed with higher armholes and a fairly close fit to the body.

What is a modern-fit suit cut

The modern fit is the middle ground between classic and slim fits. It is neither clingy nor loose.

More importantly, it offers an incredible shape line. You get to enjoy full-body comfort and movement, a neat silhouette, and a sharp appearance.

It began gaining popularity recently, and more and more brands are offering suits in a modern fit.

More importantly, a modern fit suit covers a wider range of body types, so chances are it will fit you well.

Modern vs. Slim Fit

Modern fit is tailored to offer a narrow silhouette. However, there is still enough extra fabric so that the suit doesn’t cling to the body.

On the other hand, the slim fit is tailored to be closer to the wearer’s body than a modern fit.

Differences between modern fit and slim fit suits

This is because slim-fit suits are designed for an elegant and contemporary look.

However, this leads to restricted body movement in the slim fit, even though not to the point of discomfort.

As for the modern fit vs. slim-fit jacket, the main difference lies in the chest.

Modern fit jackets have broader chest areas, lower shoulder points, and more relaxed sleeves.

Modern-fit suit jacket features

On the other hand, slim-fit pants are more restricted and closer to the leg to give off a slimmer look.

Here is a table comparing the modern and slim fits to provide you with a quick overview of the differences between the two:

AspectModern FitSlim Fit
ShouldersFittedFitted with a sharp angle
SleevesFitted and occasionally tapering towards the wristFitted and tapering toward the wrist  
ChestFitted in the chest areaSlim or tight in the chest area
WaistSits low on the body but does not taperTapered waist with little excess fabric
Seat and Thigh AreaFitted and does not taper at the anklesFitted and tapered at ankles
Leg OpeningsLeg openings are slightly narrowLeg openings are narrow

Modern vs. Classic Fit

Classic fit suits are known to offer relaxed body movement to the wearer thanks to the slight cuts through the middle and waist area.

Differences between modern fit and classic fit suits

The modern fit has a narrower chest area complemented by a slight shoulder cut and higher armholes.

The good thing with the modern fit is that you enjoy an enhanced silhouette line with almost the same level of free movement.

More importantly, modern fit pants feature a slimmer leg cut and slight tapering at the knees.

The pants in a modern-fit suit also sit lower than classic-fit pants.

What is a Modern Fit Shirt?

The dress shirt is one of the most vital elements that complete a suit.

Therefore, the shirt must be well-fitted for your body and closely tapered but not uncomfortable or tight.

How should a dress shirt fit

For a modern-fit suit, you need a modern-fit dress shirt that offers more chest room and relaxed armholes like the suit jacket.

As a result, you get to enjoy more relaxed body movements compared to slim-fit shirts.

On the other hand, it’s a bit more tapered compared to the classic fit shirt.

However, it still offers great comfort levels while significantly improving your appearance.

While you can still choose to go for a classic or slim-fit shirt, it mainly depends on your body type.

The general rule of thumb is that the shirt cut should be the same as the suit cut.

Modern-Fit Dress Pants

The modern-fit dress pants do not look roomy like the classic fit pants.

What is a modern fit suit pant cut

This is because they don’t have lots of extra fabric.

Instead, they are designed to just rest on the body. They are tight but still offer a sleek look.

The waist and thigh area are fairly contoured, offering a slender style.

The “almost” straight line falling through the knee to the ankle helps create a smart look. It helps avoid making your legs too thin.

There’s still a slight tapering at the knee and narrow leg opening, making the pants perfect for a half-break hem finish.

What are half break pants?

As a result, modern fit pants are able to offer a cleaner and more professional look, which most people love.

Who Should Choose the Modern Fit

The best thing about the modern fit is that it looks good on all body types, shapes, and sizes.

It offers a professional look thanks to the not-so-tight cut and sharp lines, whether you are skinny or big size.

Who should wear a modern-fit suit

With this fit style, you get the appearance of a slim-cut mod without compromising the level of comfort.

Some suit fits go better with certain body types. However, you don’t really have to worry about it with a modern fit.

So if you are unable to decide whether the classic or slim fit is better, a modern fit is the safest option for anyone.

It is the middle-of-the-road option that can never go wrong. More importantly, you also have to stay in line with modern trends.

Slim-fit vs. classic-fit suit

I recommend you find a suit brand and try all three fits: classic, slim, and modern. This will help you figure out which one is right for you.

Modern Fit Suit & Shirt Color Combinations

Once you have decided to go the safe route with the modern fit, you can experiment with different suit and shirt color combinations.

Typically this relies on your personal taste, fashion sense, event, and complexion.

The safest option is a crisp white dress shirt paired with a modern-fit navy, black, or charcoal grey suit.

Charcoal suit with a white dress shirt

You can also experiment with different shades of blue and grey.

Recently, brown suits are gaining momentum, so consider them an option for more casual settings.

Brown suit with a white dress shirt

As for the shirt color, a white shirt goes with everything.

In addition, you can also try light pink or light blue shirts with grey or navy suits.

Navy suit with a light blue dress shirt

Black or navy shirts are also an option for burgundy and maroon suits.

Maroon suit with a pink dress shirt

Add accessories such as a tie, lapel pins, and pocket squares with contrasting colors to pop up the look.

Modern Fit Suit Advantages

Personally, I love the modern fit because you can wear it anywhere.

Advantages of the modern-fit suit cut

The slim fit might feel too tight or uncomfortable to wear at formal events.

On the other hand, the classic fit might look too baggy to provide a sleek, professional look.

The modern fit surpasses both with the perfect fit ratio.

It gives comfort, allowing the body to move freely. In addition, it provides the narrow silhouette men look for.

As a result, you can carry out everyday tasks easily.

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