Different ways to wear a sweater under your suit

How to Wear a Suit with a Sweater

Among all “casualification” of formal attire, wearing a suit with a sweater seems another anticipated merger.

On paper, it’s a combination transitioning between the dress codes, standing the testament of weather with style.

But the idea of looking like a sartorial mess is always there.

Worry not! This is your guide to wearing a suit with a sweater the right way.

Before Wearing a Suit with a Sweater

When layering a sweater with a suit, there are some considerations to look like you know what you’re doing.

Different ways to wear sweaters and suits

Awareness of the dress code comes first. Anything from business-casual to semi-formal is a great fit for this duo.

So, you can wear this combination on casual Friday office looks, holiday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, etc.

Your suit style is also significant for a suave layering.

Two-button single-breasted suit jacket style

A versatile suit, neutral shade, single-breasted, two buttons with notch lapels can never go wrong with any sweater.

Different Sweater Styles

Sweaters come in many different styles.

But the ones you can effortlessly wear with a suit are a cardigan, v-neck, crew-neck, and the “fall-favorite” turtleneck.

Different sweater style options

The innate elegance of these sweater types somewhat varies the formality.

The cardigan, for example, has an old-school vibe. It’s good for those improvised three-piece suited looks for office and professional settings.

Turtlenecks, in comparison, create a preppy aesthetic with a suit. You will enjoy the peak laid-back layering in style.

Crew-neck and V-neck sweaters are the middle-of-the-road options. You can style these as a sweatshirt-type layering for a casually tailored look.

The other option is to add a T-shirt or button-up dress shirt underneath the sweater for a more dressed-up look.

Overall Proportion and Aesthetics

Aesthetics determine how the suit and sweater will pair together.

Wearing a navy wool suit with a burgundy v-neck woolen sweater

The goal here is to look nonchalant while avoiding that bulky look. So, the fabrics are important.

Most of the time, suits are made of wool and won’t create a buffed look.

In comparison, thicker sweaters like fine gauge knit or ribbed shawl collar ones can imbalance the proportions.

So, lightweight sweaters with softer fabrics are good for warmth and casual chic.

Color Matching the Suit & Sweater

The color matching the sweater with a suit is far more effortless than your dress shirt and tie.

How to wear a brown suit with a crew neck sweater

The key is to wear cool, neutral colors with just the right contrast.

Monochromatic colors, like navy on navy, are often too basic except with the turtleneck.

In comparison, complementary colors, like an orange sweater with a navy suit, add too much contrast.

Based on this, navy, gray, maroon, brown, and beige would be more sorted-out color options.

A patterned sweater makes it easier to match the colors.

Suit with a V-neck Sweater

A V-neck sweater is a casual office favorite. For an elevated and more formal layering, it’s best to wear it with a dress shirt underneath.

The most effortless combination here is wearing a navy sweater and a grey suit.

Wear a grey suit with a v-neck sweater

A plain button-up dress shirt and a brown tie will keep the look dressy.

You can swap the sweater and suit colors, navy suit and grey or black sweater, and here you have another formal ensemble.

Wear a navy suit with a black v-neck sweater

Experimenting with patterns will create some interesting outfits. A charcoal striped suit with a navy sweater, for example, would be a powerfully interesting look.

Similarly, a navy striped suit with a blue sweater can be a chic match.

Wearing a striped blue suit with a blue v-neck sweater

As separates, a brown tweed suit jacket is a good match with a grey or beige sweater. Wear chinos and low-top leather sneakers for an off-duty-suited look.

Suit with a Cardigan Sweater

A cardigan sweater is my favorite to match with the suit. The reason is the deep-V gives plenty of exposure to the shirt, turning an ordinary suit into a natty three-piece.

Wearing a navy plaid suit with a grey shawl cardigan

Plus, these days, cardigans are pretty much in vogue. With a suit, you’ll look like you’re channeling your inner Mr. Rogers; better wear a tie.

A monochrome color scheme can work with the suit and cardigan. A navy and grey are the two best options for dressed-up semi-formal looks.

A navy cardigan is the best option for playing safe while adding a touch of color. It can match every suit from grey to charcoal and brown to beige.

Wearing a grey suit with a v-neck cardigan

However, I would recommend going a little bold. A maroon or burgundy cardigan is a good option for a grey suit, especially when wearing patterns.

Orange and beige cardigans with black suits are other options for out-of-the-box looks.

Suit with a Turtleneck Sweater

Wearing a turtleneck with a suit is enough for a holiday superstar look. Nothing else is needed.

How to wear a green suit with a turtleneck

It’s also an ideal combination for anything festive in fall and winter.

The easiest way to pair these together is the monochromatic look.

Wear a navy suit with a navy turtleneck

But a little contrast is always a fine move.

A burgundy turtleneck, for example, with a gray or navy blue suit would look more suave than a homogenous color palette.

A brown suit and beige turtleneck are good for an old-school look.

Turtlenecks are also the best sweater type with a double-breasted suit jacket.

A black turtleneck with a grey double-breasted jacket can create an urbane style.

How to wear a charcoal suit with a dark grey turtleneck

A mock turtleneck sweater, instead of the typical roll neck, can be a good option for a relaxed, suited look.

You can wear navy pants and a grey jacket to create a spezzato suit with the navy turtleneck.

Suit Jacket with a Crew-Neck Sweater

You can always count on crew-neck sweaters as a staple layering item with your suit jacket.

Wear a grey suit with a navy crew neck sweater

It’s like the cold weather alternative to a plain T-shirt with summer suits. The versatility is impeccable.

A navy crew-neck with a grey jacket and a maroon crew-neck sweater with a navy blazer are two of the most effortless outfits.

Wear a navy suit with a burgundy crew neck sweater

Wear a dress shirt underneath the sweater, and match oxford shoes to go a little dressy.

Also, patterns in the sweater can make this outfit more interesting.

The crew neck creates a great opportunity to separate the suit jacket and pants.

Dark chinos, a light-blue dress shirt, a grey crew-neck sweater, and a navy blazer are good for a casually dapper look.

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